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Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation over 27 Miles

Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation over 27 Miles

Teleportation is no longer just a science fiction dream.  Scientists have been teleporting photons for a few years.  In the past, these experiments were unsustainable and over short distances.

In a joint research project with Caltech, the Department of Energy’s Fermilab, AT&T, Harvard University, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and the University of Calgary, they achieved a huge milestone.  The were able to teleport qubits of photons across 43.4523 kilometers (approximately 27 miles) of fiber optic cable.  This is a huge accomplishment and will push the technology forward.

This experiment used common equipment to transport the photons.  The equipment is compatible with current telecommunications infrastructure along with other emerging quantum technology.  This could be the basis for future quantum internet with our current devices.  This could usher in a new era of communication for the world.

You won’t be finding quantum internet services just yet.  This is just the first of many more experiments to come.  But this is set to change things as we know it.  It could feel like the difference between your old 28.8 modem and your 1 Gig high speed.

I keep hoping this will lead to Star Trek level matter and human teleportation from place to place.  We aren’t close to that yet.  But these are the first steps.  And if we can get faster internet more access for the world in the meantime, then I am happy to see the progress.

(via IE, DailyMail)

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