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Logan (Wolverine) Returns in Marvel Legacy

Logan (Wolverine) Returns in Marvel Legacy

According to Epicstream, Logan aka Wolverine returns to the Marvel Universe with Marvel Legacy.  It was reported last week that the original Jean Grey would return to the Marvel Universe with events with Marvel Legacy. Now we find out fellow dead X-Men, Wolverine, returns with Marvel Legacy #1.

Marvel Legacy #1 hits the shelves tomorrow at your local comic book store.  This is a One Shot 50 page comic.  Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are the creators on Marvel Legacy #1.  

Some people might be confused. Yes, there is a current Wolverine comic book.  He was replaced by his daughter/clone formerly known as X-23.  There is also an Old Man Logan series that is set in a different universe with an Old Logan like in the movie Logan.

The Logan from the 80s and 90s X-Men comics and cartoons is returning.  Oh did I mention he might hold an Infinity Stone?

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