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Larry’s Top 10 Non Traditional Christmas Movies

Larry’s Top 10 Non Traditional Christmas Movies

Here is a list of my favorite Non Traditional Christmas movies. These are the non-traditional Christmas movies. These are not the Wonderful life movies but the other movies that take place during the Christmas season.  Many may Assume that Die Hard is #1 on my list but what is #1 may surprise you.


10)  First Blood

This is the original Rambo movie.  It takes place during the Christmas season.  Nothing says Christmas like chasing and trying to kill a Vietnam vet and for him to snap and take vengeance back on the small town.


9) The Nightmare Before Christmas
This is a Christmas movie.  After all, it says Christmas in the title.  Except the main characters are Halloween characters. When the main character, Jack, takes over for a kidnapped Santa, things go haywire since Jack delivers spooky gifts instead of Santa’s usual style of presents.


8) 12 Monkeys
This is such a different science fiction movie. I love Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in this movie.  This movie does reference Christmas but it is fairly forgettable when thinking about this movie.  It is truly a forgotten Christmas movie.


7) The Godfather
This is one of the greatest movies of all time.  But it only makes #7 on our list of non-traditional Christmas year. This movie does have scenes during Christmas time.  I had to add this to the list. I was made an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  Don’t forget the cannoli.


9) Edward Scissorhands
This is such a bizarre and KOOL movie with Johnny Depp.  In my opinion, one of Depp’s best roles and movies.  The uniqueness of the character and the movie makes it fun but doesn’t scream Christmas but clearly is a Christmas movie. I love the ice sculpture scene.  How can you not love Edward Scissorhands?

5) Lethal Weapon
What says Christmas more than Murtaugh and Riggs?  This Odd Couple- Cop Buddy movie is a classic pseudo Christmas movie.  The movie takes place right before and during Christmas where these opposite minded officers team up and become friends while solving a murder and stop a gang of drug dealers. 

4) Gremlins
What is the perfect gift?  How about a little known creature called a Mogwai for a pet? Except maybe the issue where the Mogwai can quickly multiply in water and then turn evil and devastate a town.  Nope, still a perfect gift.  I would be excited for  Gizmo to be my Christmas Present.  Well, I am not great at following rules so maybe not.

3) Batman Returns
There are parts of this movie I just love.  Michelle Pfeiffer is a great Catwoman-  Meow!  I really didn’t like Danny Devito as the Penguin.  Christopher Walken makes an amazing non-costumed villain.  I love the scene in the beginning where Batman fights in the snow.  This movie starts with a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  This is so an amazing Christmas movie.

2) Die Hard
When the Holidays go really wrong, I realize they aren’t as bad as John McClane’s Christmas celebrations.  You are on the outs with your wife who is now living in Los Angeles while you are living in New York. You go out to L.A. to reconcile with your wife and her business is taken over by terrorists/thieves.  Or as John would say, “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”.  Nothing says Christmas like killing terrorists thieves and exploding a building to say “Ho Ho Ho Now I have a Machine Gun.”

1)  Better Off Dead
This movie may surprise some people. This is an early John Cusack film that is a perfect 80’s comedy. It centers around the main character, Lane, getting dumped by his girlfriend right before Christmas. He tries to kill himself but can’t quite do it right.  After all, TV dinners are perfect for Christmas gifts for any teenage boy who runs from the paperboy who wants his two dollars.  I love this Christmas movie.

Stay Geeky and Merry Christmas!

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