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Best Christmas Present Ever

Best Christmas Present Ever

When I look back at Christmas of by gone years, there are tons of wonderful memories that flood my mind.  I have memories of my family and how we celebrated Christmas at both of my grandparents homes.  I remember the smell of the live trees we always had and how my father would find trees in fields and fence lines to cut down.  I remember the bubble lights and how one burst and hit my middle sister in the eye.  Christmas was a magical time even in the home of my lower income family.

In 1977, Star Wars hit the theaters.  This movie became my obsession and changed how I played as a kid.  The toys I asked for were based around Star Wars.  I had a bunch of Kenner action figures but didn’t have vehicles or settings like the Death Star.  There was one Star Wars item I wanted more than any other. My heart’s desire was the Millennium Falcon.

I remember the Christmas of 1980.  We went to one of my grandparents home on Christmas Eve but back home that night, since it was only a few miles away.  The next day, we would open gifts at home before driving a couple of hours to my other grandparents home.

My bedroom was in the basement at the house we rented.  I woke up at 5 am in the morning excited for Christmas day.  I knew my parents wouldn’t be up for hours. If I woke them up, I would be in huge trouble.

I snuck up the wooden stairs to see what Santa had brought.  I made my way through the small house to the Christmas Tree in the living room. It was still light with the colored lights flashing (we didn’t know better back then).  Illuminated in the flashing lights of the real cedar tree sat what I had hoped for all year long (and actually from the last 3 Christmases) sat the Millennium Falcon.

My excited over took me.  I had to be quiet but I would be getting the one present my heart had desired the most.  After gazing on the unwrapped box (not sure why it wasn’t wrapped) for half an hour, I decided I better get back to my bed before I accidently woke up my parents.  I went back and laid on my bed with thoughts of the Millennium Falcon flowing through my head.  I couldn’t go back to sleep as my mind flood. It was the longest couple of hours until my parents finally woke up signaling we could check out the tree.  It was just as exciting to come up and see the box was still there.  This was a moment of pure bliss.

Many cherished memories were created with my action figures and the Millennium Falcon.  I didn’t have any Death Stars or Star Destroyers to battle but it was amazing toy for my imagination.  I still have my Millennium Falcon.  After all, it was my all time favorite Christmas Present.

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