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Kung Fury: The Feature Film

Kung Fury: The Feature Film

Back in 2015, I found the movie short, Kung Fury, on Youtube.  It is a fun crazy throw back short film set in 1985.  It pays homage to the cop and martial arts movies of the 80s.  But it does it way over the top.  It has killer robot video game machine, his partner- Triceracop, time travel,  sports cars, crazy gun fights, Viking girls on giant wolves and dinosaurs, laser raptors, Thor, and nazis.  Yeah, all of that in 30 minutes.  It is way over the top and would be a hard “R” rating for violence, blood, and cursing.   (You can check it out here if you are mature enough – not for kids)

This crazy and fun short movie was originally designed to be a feature length film. Because of budget constraints, it became the short we have today.  There has been talk to that David Sandberg, creator of the original short, has a feature on the way set in the same universe.  That has been confirmed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a viewing of the original movie.  He loved it.  It was so out there and fun. Arnold offered his services if a feature was ever made. Above is a picture of Arnold as the President in the Kung Fury feature.  Michael Fassbender (Magneto from the X-Men movies) will also star.

Sandberg confirmed this is not a remake of the short. This is a whole new movie set in the same crazy world.  I am looking forward to a feature length dose of 80s cheesy over the top awesomeness.

Below is a tweet from Arnold Schwarzenegger about this feature.

I cannot wait.

(Via SlashFilm)

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