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Kung Fury 2 – Start Production This Summer

Kung Fury 2 – Start Production This Summer

The first Kung Fury movie is a perfect 80s action movie short.  It was created in 2015 but nailed the 80s and the cheese of fun of action films.  It is an action, cop, martial art, time travel movie.  If you haven’t watched it, yes it is like totally awesome. You can check it out here on Youtube.  It is not appropriate for young kids- has cursing and violence.

Kung Fury was a Youtube sensation in 2015.  It has had over 40 Million views on Youtube.  David Hasselhoff recorded a song titled True Survivor for the movie’s soundtrack and then added the music video.

After 4 years of trying to get a full length Kung Fury movie, now it appears a sequel film is close to a reality.  Lead actor and director, David Sandberg announced he now has funding for the sequel project. Not only does he have funding but he has some big name stars signed up to co-star with him in Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender. David HasselHoff will return and be the voice of Hoff 9000.

I am excited about this movie news. I loved the original  Kung Fury.  It really thought outside of the box with the writing and storytelling and was crazy enough to pull it off.  I am excited about adding heavy hitters like Fassbender and Schwarzenegger.   If you want an 80s cheesy action film tribute, adding Arnold is a perfect selection.It is scheduled to begin production on July 29th.

If the sequel is half as fun as the original short, then it will be well worth the money to see this movie in theaters.  I can see this movie sneak up on people and word of mouth to make it the surprise sensation. I predict this movie will be talked about around the water cooler and on the morning shows.

We will keep you updated with more information as it comes available. You can check out Kung Fury 2‘s IMDB page here.

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