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Kingdom- Chapter 2

Below is chapter 2 of my Novel- Kingdom. This is a rough draft and has not been properly
edited. Feel free to give any constructive criticism. All rights are reserved. No copying of this without expressed written approval.

Chapter 2

The Winter storm was in full effect as Brother Ben left the cathedral. The sunlight from the west was blinding him off the snow but the snow continued to fall at an alarming rate.  The wind would whip right through a person. Ben pulled his cloak over his head and pulled the belt tight.

Ben was a tall lanky man. His black short hair matched his beard but was starting to show some gray. He usually whistled while he walked and kept a smile on his face.

He was late again for his meeting. His time in discussion and prayer with the couple, who will soon be married, went longer than expected. He was never good at keeping appointments on a time schedule. He knew he had to rush or he would not be able to keep this appointment.

It was no more than 200 feet from the front door of the cathedral to the front entrance of the Palace.  The walkways to both the church and palace were both kept clear. If it was not cleared out, the foot of snow would have caused further complications for Brother Ben.

The guards were watching the entrance intensely. They stopped many of the patrons and asked them what business they had in the palace. Marec acknowledge Brother Ben the moment he walked in.[would be good to insert at least a basic description of Marec here.] Marec left his post to escort Brother Ben. They headed directly for the dungeon.  They made small talk on the way down to the wet and gloomy prison.

“How are you doing today Marec?”
“Great Pastor, how are you?”
“Very busy. I am glad could get away from my other responsibility long enough to keep this daily appointment.”
“Pastor, why do you continue to meet with that flea bitten thief that attempted to steal the Cross of Staunsburg?”
“We are all sinners who are lost without the Lord. The Book says we must forgive so we can receive forgiveness. What kind of Pastor would I be if I did anything else but forgive and attempt to meet the needs of this young lady? Plus it is quite pleasant to have a good conversation with her.”

“Brother Ben, you are a better man than I am!”

“No Marec, I have just had more practice than you have. I believe you would do the same thing if the Father put you in this same situation.”

Ben paused while Marec unlocked the outer dungeon door. Marec started to ask another question of the pastor but realized that Brother Ben was in deep thought so Marec kept silent. The duo continued further into the dungeon only stopping to open the locked iron doors on their way. Finally they stopped in front of the cell.

Sarcastically Marec stated, “Wake up! You have your usual guest visiting your suite.”
“Oh thank you, Marec, can you ask the maids to turn down my sheets”, replied Aunabella.

She tried to move a little but her iron chains had no give. She was completely immobilized against the wall. The room had little light and had an extremely musky smell.  Life in the dungeon was extremely different than her previous suite seven stories higher.

“I will be back in an hour to get you Pastor.  Are you positive you want to stay with this viper?”

“Yes my boy. You know I am here to bring healing to the sick and not to the well.”

He turned to Aunbella and asked, “Now my dear, how are you today?”

“Brother Ben, I fear I am better today than I will be in the next few days. I have received word that the King will hold my trial soon and rumor is, I will be losing my head. Chained to a wall with a head is much better than no chains and no head.”

“My dear, I have heard your trial will be soon. The King will pass judgment. The law does suggest a beheading is appropriate for the level of theft you attempted.  But I also know the King is a fair and just Judge. He will see what I do.”

“What do you see Pastor?”

“He will understand that your destiny has not been fulfilled you. You have a vital role yet to play with the future of this Kingdom.”

“Brother Ben, I don’t want to discourage you if you can save my life but I think you have been hitting the wine too much.”

“No my dear, I have only had wine at communion today. We will see what the Lord has in store. You will be amazed.”

“The fact that you have forgiven me and come to see me is amazing as it is. You are a wonderful but strange man of the cloth.”

“The Lord works in mysterious ways my dear.[cliche] Now we better get to our prayers.”

“Pastor, can we stop praying for me and start praying for my father and my clan? After reconciling with you, I have come to peace about my situation no matter the outcome.  My father on the other hand may do something foolish in my absence.”

“My sweet girl, I think that is a wonderful idea. Prayer for others will help us in our own afflictions.  Give and it will be given to you.”

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