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Movie Review: Immortals

How will a retelling of the Greek myth of Theseus look on the big screen? Will it be a bit cheesy like the original Clash of the Titans, story of fellow Greek hero Perseus?  Or will it be too overdone like the new Clash of the Titans? Maybe it will be a fun ride similar to 300?

About this Movie: (Spoilers Included)

This movie is loosely based (and I do mean very loosely) the Greek Founder Hero Theseus. This movie starts with Theseus living with his mother in a small village. Their village is threatened by an invasion by King Hyperion, King of Crete.  Hyperion has declared war on the Olympians for not saving his family.  He is destroying sacred places in an attempt to find the Epirus Bow which can free the Titans.

After the death of his mother at the hands of Hyperion, Theseus was captured.  He escaped with Phaedra, the virgin seer, and a couple other guys.

While trying to bury his mother, he discovered the Epirus Bow. Theseus is attacked in the burial chamber by a Minotaur sent by Hyperion.  Theseus slays the Minotaur in heroic fashion.

This sets up an epic battle between the hordes of Hyperion vs the small army of Greece led by Theseus. This leads to battle between the Titans of Old versus the Greek gods.

What I liked about this Movie:
This movie was beautifully shot.  This movie had great scenery.  I loved the village set into the mountain.  The wall and gate for the final battle were awesome.

The costumes look great from the peasants to the warriors to the gods.  

This movie was action packed.  Action was in the style of the Matrix and the 300.  

Mickey Rourke was a fantastic crazy bad guy.  He had the crazy look in his eye.  I was convinced that he was a psycho killer that would rather slice your neck than look at you.

What I did not Like:
This movie was graphic.  The blood poured, splattered, and soaked everything in sight.  Death and blood were a constant in this movie.  I was a fan of the 300 which is an intense and graphic movie but this movie took it way over the top.  When Bryan and I, veteran action movie guys, both have to look away from the screen several times, it is too much.

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, this movie is really not for you.  Very few scenes are truly based on the Greek myths. Even the villain of this movie is a name from mythology but has nothing to do with this character.  The myth of Hyperion has him as one of the 12 Titans and not as a king trying to free the Titans.  Yes they got the name of the Hero Theseus, one of his wives, Phaedra, and the killing of the Minotaur correct but that was about all they took from the myths.

The Greek gods acted very strange.  Zeus was able to interact with Theseus but would not let the rest of the gods interact or intervene.  Zeus even kills one of his sons for intervening.  

Stranger than the gods were the Titans.  The Titans were portrayed as these crazy ninja like creatures. They kind of reminded me of the henchmen of Rita from Power Rangers.

The Epirus Bow is really cool and appears powerful.  Theseus fires it once to take out several of Hyperion’s thugs. Then the bow is lost and Hyperion possesses the bow.  He fires it only twice.  Once to blow a hole in the gate and the second time to free the Titans.  He could have used it to wipe out the other army but did not.  This did not make any sense. The bow was not utilized enough.

The thinly vealed plot of this movie had numerous wholes.  Motivation for certain characters made no sense.  The writing was really only there to help get to the next battle scene.
My Review:
This movie missed on way too many bases.  I did not hate this movie but I sure did not love it.  If you like fairly mindless action movies that have no connection to Greek mythology and do not mind extreme violence and blood, then this might be a movie for you.  If it is not, then don’t waste your money.

For my buddy Jeff, this movie was better than Skyline but I have to admit, I enjoyed Skyline more.

My Grade: C-

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IMDB:  7.0 out of 10
Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 37%
Rotten Tomatoes: Audience 75%
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