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Kickstarter: Staunch Ambition: Issue #2 (Comic)

A few years ago, I meet Brian Lau at C2E2 in Chicago. He convinced me to pick up his #0 Issue of Staunch Ambition. He was giving it away to give people a taste of this world he created.  He knew it would create fans of the series as it was being and it worked.

Lau impressed me right away. His excitement oozed about his comic and his new world. He told me about how the supernatural and science work together in his comics. He peaked my interest with a KOOL idea and lots of enthusiasm. Since that time, I have read issue #0 and was apart of his Kickstarter for Issue #1, which I also read and enjoyed. Both comics were really KOOL. Now he has launched the Kickstarter for Staunch Ambition: Issue #2.

Check out the below description and video.  If you are interested, please go over to his Kickstarter and pledge to get issue #2 out.

Out of the enlightenment, both science and technology are born anew. As mankind continues to advance in scientific knowledge, breakthrough upon breakthrough compound, exponentially. Through this new technology, mankind is able to transcend its physical limitations by passing through the thought dimension and entering the supernatural.  (Kickstarter)

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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