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Comic Book Review: M.U.D. The Lost Years -One Shot (#1)

Comic creator Caesar Crawford approached Geeky KOOL about checking out this new comic, M.U.D. – The Lost Years.  Crawford is a former artist for Marvel comics including being a colorist for SpiderMan and Fantastic Four. We agreed to check out his comic and we are glad we did.


M.U.D. (Murdock Undead Detective)- The Lost Years  -One Shot (#1)
Revil Comics
Website: revilComics.Com

Creator/Writer/Artist: Caesar Crawford

Plot: (Major Plot Spoilers)

M.U.D.- The Lost Years is a One Shot comic in the M.U.D. series.  It focuses on the character of Vivian.  It takes place in 1939 in Nazi Germany and Sylvania, London.

Vivian is a Vampire Roller Derby Queen for the “Ninth Infantry Napalm” team.  She is also a secret agency against the Nazis.  Her boyfriend, Murdock, has recently been killed and has come back as a zombie.

The art is a very cartoony style.  It reminds me of Michael Allred’s run on X-Statix. It is a fun and light style.  This style doesn’t work for all comics but fits with M.U.D. and this special One Shot.

This style doesn’t mean it lacks details. There are tons of detail images in several of the panels.  The images of the tore apart robots is phenomenal.  The facial expressions of Vivian tells much of this story.

Just because it is a cartoon style, doesn’t mean it is safe for all ages. This comic has blood and decapitation.  It has a zombie.  Many older children and teens will love this art.

This is not my usual preferred comic art style but I enjoyed it in this comic.

The Plot of M.U.D. The Lost Years -One Shot  was crazy and fun.  It tells a creative and unique story.  I am at a loss for words about it except I really enjoyed it.

A Vampire Roller Derby Queen Secret Agent, a Zombie boyfriend, Nazis with giant robots, an invisible Nazi, and a mystical sword.  It is so insane that you can’t help but enjoy it.  It reminds me of the crazy fun comics of the 70s like Defenders , Devil Dinosaur, and most Jack Kirby comics along with  movies like Kung Fury, Iron Sky, and Sucker Punch.

M.U.D. The Lost Years -One Shot is a pleasure to read.  I wouldn’t put it at the top of my reading list but it would go close to the top.


Below is an image of  Other M.U.D. Comics.  You can check them out at revilcomics.com and at participating comic stores like Freedom Comics in Lebanon, MO and Cave Turkey in Springfield, MO.  


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