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Kickstarter: Blipcast

Blipcast is a KOOL innovative technology. With Blipcast, you can listen to television with your cell phone and headphones. The app will cast the sound to any cell from the Television. It will also work at a sports bar or restaurant with multiple TVs.

This technology is ideal for television fans.  Households with kids have to delay watching certain programing until the children are well asleep but not if you have a Blipcast.

Blipcast is for the night owls who want to actually hear their television without having to fear waking up their partner or roommates. It’s for new parents who have to decide between watching that new show they’re into or letting their baby sleep. It’s for hearing impaired people who need the TV volume to be a bit louder. (Kickstarter)

This Kickstarter is an awesome idea.  It beats buying wireless headphones for your television.

Springfield, MO is the home of Blipcast.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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