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Kickapoo Tribe Gets Own Captain America

Kickapoo Tribe Gets Own Captain America

Per Marvel.com, there is a new shield bearer and “Captain America’ teaming up with Steve Rogers.  Joe Gomez is the Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe.  He will debut in the new series, THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA!, Written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Dale Eaglesham.  He will debut in issue #3 set to hit shelves in August 2021.

The saga of THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA begins when Captain America’s original shield is stolen. And when the mysterious shield thief targets a cultural landmark in Kansas, hoping to put a permanent stain on Captain America’s image, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are hot on his trail when they meet the Kickapoo Tribe’s own Captain America. But there’s more to the thief’s agenda than meets the eye and the three Caps may be headed straight into a trap!  (Marvel)

THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA! is a limited series will be an epic adventure worthy of the iconic hero’s milestone 80 years anniversary. This series will bring Captain America team up with all of the previous Captain America(s): Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and even the much maligned John Walker.  It will also introduce new shield bearers that have been inspired by Cap such as Joe Gomez.  If you are interested, let your local comic shop know soon.


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