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Judy Davis Announced for Miniseries- 24: Live Another Day

The TV Miniseries- 24: Live Another Day Announces Judy Davis in an reoccurring role.  Davis was previously nominated for 2 Academy Awards.  She will join Kiefer Sutherland in this series.   Her character Margot  will be the widow of a  known terrorist.  It is expected that she will be the main bad guy for this miniseries.

24: Live Another Day will air during the spring of 2014 on Fox. It will take place in the real time action, which was made famous by the original series.   This miniseries will be set  in London, England. This is unusual since most of the original series was set in America as it followed the exploits of Jack Bauer.

24: Live Another Day will happen four years after the final season.  During the final season, Jack was seen as a terrorist in the United States and went on the run.  This does explain why he is in London.   (hollywoodreporter)

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