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If I was Trapped on an Island: Movies I Would Bring (Using Poetry!)

If I was Trapped on an Island: Movies I Would Bring (Using Poetry!)

Howdy, dear pals, poets, and powerful protectors in the ways of nerdom!

Sorry, it’s been a little while.  As a school teacher, it is that time of year to get our classrooms prepped for our new dear students.  AND, I finished and submitted the manuscript for formatting and printing for my latest book! It should be out VERY SOON (more details to come once I have the release date.)

Something I like doing as an author are interviews (yet I am a nervous wreck for once at school or if I was trying to get a new job! HA!)  Unique questions are entertaining and challenging.  So, I decided to do that; entertain you with information, but in a way that was partly difficult for me.

A popular question that has been around for ages is: “If you were trapped on a deserted island, what movies would you bring with you?”  First off, I was curious about the fact that if I had electricity for a T.V., I should probably find a way to make contact with someone to escape; I don’t do well with heat! LOL! But, answering strictly for fun, it is a hard choice.

So, I used a writing style I cherished; poetry! Acrostic poems are fun and one you most likely did in school.  It’s where you spell a word, going down, and the lines of the piece have to start with the first letter of each line.

An example would be:






The rules I set for myself was I can use my FULL NAME, but the titles had to start with the matching letter of the line and no repeats (but if it is a short franchise of films, I clustered them into one spot a few times, lol!)  This was hard to think of a few and numerous of my favorite movies could not be represented due to I not having a letter that matched the start of its title! BOO!

So, let’s use written art to learn more about each other! ^_^  You can do this too; I’d love to see which movies you would have with you on your island too IN THE COMMENTS!

Favorite Movies Using my Name:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

Outsiders (The)

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997)

Great Gatsby (either version)


Notebook (The)


Swan Princess

The Lion King

Reduced Shakespeare Company Complete Works of William Shakespeare



Greatest Showman (The)

High School Musical (1 or 3) Or Hairspray

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Great Adventure 

Night at the Museum series


Central Intelligence

Once Upon a Mattress

Momma Mia (1 or 2)

Nutcracker (Barbie) 

Infinity War (Marvel’s Avengers)

Castle in the Sky

Kiki’s Delivery Service


Use your name to be entertained!  Stay geeky! 🙂


Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice, and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real-life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.

For more information about Morgan and her works, check out her website, which also has links to all her social medias: http://morganscomnick.com

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