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Hasbro Partners with Xplored- Artificial Intelligence Company

Hasbro Partners with Xplored- Artificial Intelligence Company

HASBRO has announced a new partnership with the tech company, Xplored. Xplored will bring a smart-sensing technology with Artificial Intelligence. Xplored will partner to bring a tabletop platform to combine physical and digital play. Xplored is best known for their game, Teberu.

Teberu uses smart dice, RFIDs, and sensors to keep track of gameplay and resolve rules.  It comes with lights and alerts to help users keep track of the rules and provide information.  It is fully interactive with the game players.

There are many games that Hasbro might use this level of technology with gameplay.  This could bring a new level to some of their classic board games.  It could also be used in games like Magic and Dungeons and Dragons.

There is a lot of justified fear in the gaming community about Dungeons and Dragons using Artificial Intelligence.  Discussions of AI replacing Dungeon Masters have been all over the internet for months.  The new Dungeons and Dragons book,  Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants!, has AI art.  There are rumors that some of the character creations and stories may be AI-generated. This news brings more of the fears of the fans to the table.

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