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Happy 40th Birthday Wil Wheaton

Today is Wil Wheaton’s 40th Birthday. Wheaton is best know for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Below Picture).  Wil Wheaton is a self proclaimed geek and gamer. We have featured his Table Top videos on Geeky KOOL.  Wil has guest starred on The Big Bang Theory as a deviousness version of himself.  He has been a regular Eureka and the Guild (webseries).

Wil Wheaton has a large following on Twitter and Google Plus. His catchprase is “Don’t Be a Dick”. Since this is his motto, he has declared today as “Don’t Be a Dick Day”.  Check out the Don’t Be a Dick Day webpage. I love the flowchart.  I posted it below.

Geeky KOOL wishes you, Wil Wheaton, a very happy birthday.

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