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Google Fiber

Google Fiber

As much as some people hate Google, they are great at innovating.  Google Fiber is Google’s latest innovation.  They are running fiber to communities to bring them better and faster internet.

The Google Fiber network will offer 1,000 mbps.  This is revolutionary.  Most providers top packages are 50 mbps downstream (if that). Google is starting their Google Fiber project in Kansas City.  You can sign up for free internet with Google Fiber that will provide  5Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream.

An optional package will include television stations. This is similar AT&T U-Verse but at higher speeds.

Free Internet – 5mbps– FREE
Gigabit Internet- $70 per month
Gigabit + TV- $120 per month

I can’t wait until they bring it to Springfield.  It would be a comparable to what I am currently paying for internet and TV combined but the speeds would be 100 times faster.

Check out the below videos and the Google Fiber for more details.

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  1. I’d still like to know what hardware in homes they will use to route a 1gbps connection. Most home and small business routers make out at sever hundred kbps in actual routing throughput. Even pfSense suggests a multi-core machine to route more than 500mpbs.

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