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Alex the Kid: Video and Album

Alex the Kid: Video and Album

The fine folk over at Dirigible Days posted a link to the below video on the Dirigible Days Facebook page.  The Steam Punk music video: Zombies is a blast.  I love the techno/ psuedo 80s style music with the great steam punk feel and zombies. (SEE Below Video)

I followed the link over the Alex The Kid webpage.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a six song album filled with great and fun music.  You can listen the music for free on their webpage.  You can download their songs in numerous formats and you name your price.  This is a great deal on fun music.  I enjoyed it all. I simply loved the songs:  Zombies and Flux Capacitor.

Here is information about the album.

“In a not so distant post-apocalyptic future, zombies will likely take over the earth, robots will develop emotions and the google search engine will know where you are and what you are wearing at all times. But humanity will still dance… Alex the kid have traveled back in time to address these issues through song, in hope for a better future and a more prepared human society…”

Here is how Alex The Kid describes themselves on their webpage:

  Stylistically ATK explore themes relating to representations of the future within pop culture & society’s relationship withtechnology. ATK’s unique brand of “Future-Pop” has been described as electro/punk to robot/rock. They perform this through a lively combination of vocoders, synths, guitars, drums & sequencing. Their endearing devotion to technology – would put Kip Dynamite to shame.

I hope you enjoy their music and the below video as much as I did.

One thought on “Alex the Kid: Video and Album

  1. I really enjoy all six of their songs and was pleasantly surprised by them. I share your love for techno/80s/dance music and they provide that vibe while being unique and, of course, steampunky. Their origin story is pretty creative and funny, as well.

    May the wind be at your back,
    Santiago Dunbar
    Captain, S.S. Beatrix

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