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20 Future Cosplay Ideas For Me I’m Interested In?

20 Future Cosplay Ideas For Me I’m Interested In?

Happy Almost Halloween, my spooky darlings!  I hope it’s as scary, sweet, or pumpkiny as you want! ^+^

One of the key and the best parts of this holiday is of course the costumes, dressing up!  It has always been a joy of mine and I am glad I can encompass a character now to connect to others and bring joy to children’s days.  =)  I did a COSPLAYS I’VE DONE TIMELINE POST ON HERE.  Yet, now, I need YOUR HELP!  I have 20 ideas for cosplays I would like or love to do, but on several, I am not sure it is me or I would look good in them.  I DO only pick characters who I like and can become for full immersion, so no worry there.

If you could in the comments type which ones you think I could do or should try, it would be exceedingly helpful.  🙂

Please have a safe, enchanting, and whimsical Halloween.

20 Future Cosplay Ideas For Me I’m Interested In?


Deliciously Evil:

This is the category I am the most jazzed to try but had the most trouble finding the right characters and cosplay.  I have issues being ‘bad’ naturally, so I need a character I enjoy.  When I like characters, I can act and portray them.  The CLOSEST I have done for a partly evil character is “Evie” from Disney Channel’s Descendants series.  Still, I WANT to try this ‘it’s good to be bad’ thing! LOL

So, thinking hard and with some research, I have THREE ones I believe I could encompass well AND have a blast doing.  Do you think I can do one of these divine, delectable evil ladies or should I stick to cute and nice characters?

Vanessa (the human version of Ursula) from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” I always had fun singing and grooving to Ursula’s energy. And I wouldn’t need a wig, always a plus. =)  The more I look at it, the more I love this idea! <3
The Ranger Slayer (brainwashed, future Kim) from Boom’s The Go, Go Power Rangers” series and now her own series. Kimberly is my idol in every way and FINALLY got the FULL Mighty Morphin Pink Power Ranger last year. I felt cool and empowered. This outfit is BADASS and her story hard core. So, being my FAVORITE role model, but evil, yet not by choice? I think it’d be amazing. This one would be pricy (even more than my $550 original pink suit.)
Andromeda “Power Rangers In Space.” She is poised, stylish, confident, commanding, and still alluring. This Princess of Evil, no matter what outfit or hairstyle she is sporting is epic and powerful. I would have to find someone to custom make it sadly, but man! It would be great to encompass a deep lore Power Ranger character. Plus, her protector (the alien in black and green in the back) is SO COOL!

Sailor Moon:

“Super Sailor Moon (SuperS edition.)” SuperS (season 4) with the power of Pegasus is my favorite season of this staple in my life. And I already OWN a prop of her weapon, The Kaleidoscope Rod (also my favorite.) Love this outfit. And I feel I need to become the Moon Princess; this would be it! I know I can pull off a blonde wig due to Sailor V, lol, but do you think I would be pretty as our Moon Rabbit? =)
Sailor Venus (Super version-) ‘Sailor Moon series.’ I already own and AM Sailor V, lol! I’ve been asked why not be the most well-known version of Sailor Venus? I feel I don’t NEED this cosplay, but I do LOVE Minako! HA! So, if I can get a custom one for the right price (I already have a few wigs and bows already,) I would think of it and have a fun time. 😉
Princess Sailor Venus. Although yellows and oranges don’t look good with my skin tone, I have always been entranced by Sailor Venus’ princess gown and have seen beautiful versions of it on cosplayers. I am not sure it would look as lovely as I want on ME, but a Sailor Scout and princess into one? It would be magical.
Neo Queen Serenity (future Usagi.) This gown is stunning! I always wanted to wear this piece with a regal swagger. But, I WANTED my hubby to wear the matching one for her husband, King Endymion. But, he hasn’t agreed yet even though his suit is his favorite color, purple! He hasn’t agreed yet… BOO! I know I would glide through a convention room in it, but I am still worried I can work the Sailor Moon hair. Thoughts?
Sailor Cosmos! Okay, friends. This character has a very minor (but important) role in the final arc/season of “Sailor Moon.” But I fell in LOVE with her aesthetic! AND, I finally found a reasonably priced, well-made, and reviewed custom-made one WITH a wig. I need the staff (that will be a challenge,) but this would be such a beautiful soldier to become. A few of my fellow Moonies are obsessed with her too! <3

Magical Girls:

My favorite anime and manga ever is “Cardcaptor Sakura.” I do own numerous CCS cosplay props and I did have her winter school uniform (below,) but, although it was cute, I felt silly wearing it and Sakura can own short hair. Me? Not so much (it’s a wig, of course.) SO! What I WANT to do is find a “Cardcaptor Sakura” outfit (there are MANY to pick from since her best friend makes her battle costumes all the time!) Oddly, this is my favorite outfit despite all the yellow. The puffy shorts may not be my style (I would alter that,) yet everything else I love! I aim to get this outfit (or another custom one of a number of her cosplays I like) YET keep my long hair with some accessories, so like Sakura is order and grew out her hair, but is still defending the world with her magical warmth and powers! 😉
YES! Everyone ADORES The Dark Magician Girl (from “Yu-Gi-Oh!) I am no exception. I don’t feel I am pretty enough to portray her, but boy howdy, I’d love to try! Her outfit is so fun and cute! I know where I can get some custom ones, but it would be a tad pricy since I need the special boots (I really don’t like buying cosplay shoes since they are expensive. Yet, but it’s needed here) and her wand. Do you think I can make others happy with my magic?! ^_^
My heart! “Princess Tutu” is one of the most cherished and breathtaking animes I have ever seen and I cannot recommend it enough! Confession time: I always wished I could have taken ballet. Becoming this darling duck superhero would be a dream come true if I could pull it off.
Angel Lily- “Wedding Peach!” This magical girl series is about weddings! HA! My girlie heart is in love, lol! Lily is my favorite; her design, attacks, outfit, intelligence, kindness, romantic heart, and dedication. I wish the younger generation knew more about this show. I’d have to get her outfit and weapons (the veil of a maiden’s shyness baton, something blue earrings, where I would need clip or magnetic ones, and the rainbow ribbon lipstick necklace) AND outfit commissioned since I couldn’t find them anywhere. I bet it will be pricy, but MAN! What a blast!


I am HYPED about this one! A gender-bent version of my first anime crush, Seto Kaiba from “Yu-Gi-Oh?!” And being a cocky, rich, talented, smart businesswoman that’s still in high school and has an ancient past of magic I deny? Heck ya! Other than the trademark coat, necklace, and belt, I have closet cosplay ideas for this one. Time to duel!
Tuxedo Mask from “Sailor Moon.” Ah. Every 90’s girls’ version of the staple anime prince was Tuxedo Mask. A symbol that men and women could equally love, sacrifice, and save each other, both can be heroes. I thought a female version of Tuxedo Mask would be a delight, a magician feel that is suave. I would make my own version, mostly closet pieces or finds I would place to make a cohesive look. I found this online (shout out to the artist) for a concept I like the best. Would you guys be interested in this idea for me? And YES! I’d throw or hand out roses. ^_-


Princess Odette from “The Swan Princess.” This one is one of the highest on my list. “Swan Princess” is in the top films of all time, my childhood, a beautiful fantasy. And I have a wig I can restyle to make it work once I find a dress and the necklace. I already have the licensed plush swan version of Odette I can carry around too for added flare. And my hubby IS named Derrick. LOL! 😉
Sam from “Totally Spies.” This French anime (YES! It’s true! That fact a French cartoon was set about American Valley Girls becoming fashionable spies is a riot!) Sam is my favorite of the trio: beautiful, graceful, smart, and dresses to the nines. Plus, A SPY! And I go a great Valley Girl voice (although Sam’s isn’t as strong as the other girls, lol!) This simple, but smooth jumpsuit with her spy belt would totally rock. I would want to try to get one or two of her gadgets custom-made, like the famous com-powder or the hairdryer gun.
Penny from “RWBY,” seasons 1-3 outfit. I’m combat-ready! 😀 I adore Penny! And I’ve always wanted to try this cosplay with one of the prop swords. For some reason, I always hesitate. What do you guys think?


Megara from Disney’s “Hercules.” This girl should be a goddess! =) Her sass is legendary, plus she is a knockout. Playing her would be a dream. I am always, however, leery of Disney characters, especially princess ones because you get judged hard if you don’t look the part. I know I cannot be as skinny as Meg (since she IS a cartoon, lol,) but I was shamed when I did my princess gown Rapunzel. Still, I love Greek culture and believe I can own it. What do you guys think?
Charlotte from Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog-” This girl! Her over-the-top Southern accent (which I can do,) flashy style in one of my power colors, lavish dreams to be the princess she is, and comedic timing bring a sparkle to my soul! >.< I would bounce around the con floor like it was my own ballroom and since the dress is so puffy, I would not be as scared that I am not the ideal Disney perfect body type. Plus, in the end, she is a good friend. We all need to be more like Miss Charlotte!

Studio Ghibli:

Although all “Studio Ghibli” films are beloved to me, my favorite and one of the most underrated is “Castle in the Sky.” I would be honored to portray Sheeta, our main female who has a magical stone that many people are after. Both her main outfits are simple, but I would like to represent this kind maiden and it has been my DREAM to have a replica of the lapis stone necklace. ^_^ I think Derrick and I would make an adorable Sheeta and Pazu, lol!  Sophie from “Howl’s Moving Castle” would be INCREDIBLE as well! She’d be a close second!


Other Ideas:

Persephone from “Lore Olympus-”  This webtoon is MY LIFE and I aspire to be our darling spring goddess.  There are also so many stunning outfits to pick from too.  However, I am not sure I am comfortable painting my skin pink and for these characters, their unique colored skin tones are iconic and almost needed.  Her Queen of the Underworld dress is mystical!

Chi from Chobits (maid outfit:-)  I adore Chi from CLAMP’s “Chobits!”  Her innocence and tenderness are precious.  I have a darling lolita style maid outfit that looks like something Chi would wear.  Sadly, it has been slowly falling apart over the years.  So, I ordered a newer one, yet it doesn’t…flatter me the way I wanted it to.  It could be me.  So, I do technically have CHOICES I can use, but it wouldn’t mind being on the lookout for one for a good price OR another one of Chi’s beautiful outfits.  I do have her robot ears.  I would just need her wig and maybe, since I LOVE props, either the picture book she loves or the plush bunny that is the mascot of the show.  IF I COULD, I would pick my little buddy Sumomo! She is TOO kawaii and fits on Chi’s shoulders! =D Wakey, Wakey Exercises! <3

Princess Jasmine’s purple outfit at the end of the first movie, “Disney’s ‘Aladdin.'” Jasmine is my favorite princess and I have dreamt of cosplaying as her, from the age of three until, well, now! HA!  However, I was afraid to cosplay as her for two reasons: one, like with my concerns for Megara, she is a Disney Princess and there is a lot of pressure on becoming such essential royals.  And I am not as thin or pretty as her.  And two, I am not from the same culture as Jasmine.  I believe in cosplay equality no matter of size, race, culture, gender, ability, and such, yet I have a fear of misrepresenting or offending anyone.  Still, I really love this outfit.  Her red, Ummm… ‘slave’ outfit is also a favorite of mine, but I would tone it down a bit since I work with kids, lol!

Esmeralda from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Norte Dame-“  Another stunning, strong Disney lady!  Her attitude, warmth, cheekiness, cleverness, and sense of righteousness are so inspiring.  Plus, she is drop-dead stunning!  I would love to be playful like her on the convention floor. Yet, I have the same cultural concerns with her as I do with Jasmine.

Cutie Honey- Being such an avid fan of magical girls fanatic, being one of the first ones seems like it is destiny.  I love her normal outfit and transformation one!  Yet, if I did cosplay as her, I would make it a PG version.  There are some aspects (such as her clothes starting to rip away when she is hit) and components of the show that are definitely not appropriate.  LOL! But, it would be fun to be Honey! 🙂

Mew Mew Berry from “Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode-” Berry was my favorite character from the magical girls series, “Tokyo Mew Mew,” although she was only in the manga, not in the original anime.  With the new anime series already getting HYPE (WOOT,) I HOPE Berry will make an appearance.  If not, at least we can have a new generation of Mew Mew Fans and I could maybe get the adorable Berry out to shine!

Rinna Rogue OR Purple Tigeress from “Miraculous Ladybug-“ This show is rocking! My hubby and I are obsessed with this French anime! Although I love Ladybug, I don’t think I would look as appealing in her skin-tight one-piece.  So, why not one of her loyal Miraculous Holders?  Rinna Rogue and Purple Tigeress are both form-fitting one-pieces too, but due to their styling or material, I would not be as intimidating.  Plus, they both have such flare and growth! Girl power!

Princess Sakura from “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles-”  My first convention cosplay ever over ten years ago!  Yet, sadly, I have gained too much weight to wear it anymore.  *Cries*  Luckily, CLAMP makes a ton of gorgeous outfits for their characters and Princess Sakura is no exception.  And I have a short wig I can use.  Just need to find the right one.

Ginger from “Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar-“ FAMILY COSPLAY DREAM! Derrick and I love this adorable anime!  We always said if we have kids, we could play the grown-ups, him the goofy conductor fairy who is the teacher to the little ones, Elder (and he is madly in love with my character,) and myself the rain fairy who plays the violin, Ginger, lovely and calm.  There are 3-5 kid fairies in the series and one other adult we see.  But, we have nieces and a nephew now.  So, MAYBE…lol!

I’d also love to redo my Mai Valentine (battle city outfit) from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”  This was the second cosplay for a con and my first closet.  I had SO much fun making it, but finding purple denim that fit me was hard in 2013, lol!  I still have the props, wig, boots, and duel disk with her legendary harpy cards.  Maybe finding the clothing would be easier now?


All the blessings of the night with you as you transform into whoever you want to be!  Stay geeky! 🙂


Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice, and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real-life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.

For more information about Morgan and her works, check out her website, which also has links to all her social medias: http://morganscomnick.com

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