FOX Goes Batty for Gotham

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The FOX Network will be developing a new D.C. Comics series, Gotham.  This will be a Batman-less Gotham City.  It will focus on a Detective James Gordon.  This is prior to Gordon becoming the Police Commissioner.  (Deadline)

On one hand, this is fantastic news.  I love the idea of developing the character of James Gordon before a giant bat vigilante started protecting the street of Gotham.  It will be interesting to see how they weave the world of Gotham for television.

On the other hand, this show will be on FOX.  The FOX Network is notorious for prematurely killing off sci fi series.  If Gotham does rock their world from out of the gate, then it will get early hook.   There is a good reason that FOX has this reputation.

I don’t know why this property didn’t default to the CW.  You would think that it would be a no brainer with the CW being partially owned by Time Warner.  The success of Smallville and Arrow on the CW should have set the table for this show.  I have to believe that FOX threw crazy money at the WB to get the rights to this show and to give up their level of control on the Batman franchise.

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