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Fantastic Four Returns to Marvel Comics in August

Fantastic Four Returns to Marvel Comics in August

Marvel’s First Family aka The Fantastic Four hasn’t been written in the comics in a couple of years.   The superhero team of the married couple Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are joined by the Human Torch and the Thing to form The Fantastic Four.  They are truly family.  Reed and Sue are married with children. The Human Torch is Sue’s brother, Johnny Storm. Ben Grimm ~ the Thing is a close family friend that is just like a brother to Reed.

The last Fantastic Four comic series ended in April 2015. The comic took a hiatus with look readership and with conflicts with Fox.   In a story in 2016, Reed and Sue took their kids out into the universe to explorer and left Johnny and Ben on earth. The Fantastic Four hasn’t been a team since then.

This July, The Fantastic Four returns to comic shelves.  Marvel has tapped two of their bigger names to take the reigns of the First Family of Marvel. Comic writer Dan Slott will create the story to take the team forward.  Comic artist Sara Pichelli will draw this new series.

Both Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli are known for there run on Spider-Man comics.  Dan has written Amazing and Superior Spider-Man for 10 years.  Sara Pichelli is known for her work on Mile Morales Spider-Man and the crossover miniseries, Spider-Men II.

I am a huge fan of the The Fantastic Four.  They were never my favorite characters or teams but I always thought they were KOOL.  I think this creative team of Slott and Pichelli will be a great team to bring back the 4.

(Via New York Times)

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