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Disney+ Moon Knight News

Disney+ Moon Knight News

I have been waiting for confirmation of the Disney+ news on Moon Knight. Earlier in the week, speculation poured in that Star Wars Star Oscar Isaac was in discussions to play Marvel’s Marc Spector aka Moon Knight.  Usually the networks or head companies will come out with an official announcement verify or squashing the rumor.

I never saw an official announcement but Oscar Isaac is now listed on IMDB as starring in Moon Knight.  We have our Marc Spector.  He will be the capped vigilante, Moon Knight.

Mohamed Diab will direct the series. Currently, there are six episodes scheduled.

Moon Knight has been compared to Batman and with good reason.  Moon Knight is a street level hero with lots of gadgets.  His secret identity is rich.  But that is as far as it goes.

Marc Spector was a soldier of fortune.  He was left for dead in the desert.  He found an idol of the Egyptian Moon god, Khonshu.  Khonsu saved Marc’s live and granted him special moon based powers.  His powers are affected by phases of the moon.

Marc has been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder).   He had extensive childhood trauma.  He has been known to have personalities of Steven Grant and Jake Lockley.

Is Moon Knight real or just a part of Marc Spector’s mental illness?  Fans have been debating it for years.

Moon Knight is a street level hero. He is much more violent and vicious that most of the Marvel heroes.  He delivers Vigilante justice to the common thugs and organized crime villains.

I am excited to see how Moon Knight translate onto the screen.  Rumor has it that after his Disney+ series, he will start to show up in other series and Marvel movies.

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