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Starlink Satellite Internet Comes Online

Starlink Satellite Internet Comes Online

Starlink Internet is coming online to help provide high speed internet.  Much of the rural America doesn’t have a provider for high speed internet.  Those that do, not many have options.  Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites will provide an option for high speed internet.  Starlink Internet expects to provide broadband data speeds from 50 megabits per second to 150 Mb/s with 20 milliseconds to 40 ms latency.

The reported cost has Starlink service will be $99 per month. There’s also an upfront $499 charge for a starter kit that includes the equipment necessary to connect — a terminal, tripod, and WiFi router.  There will be a A Starlink app is available for bot Android and iOS.

This is still in the beta version of Starlink.  This round is being called “Better Than Nothing Beta.”  It wasn’t report what it will take to become a beta tester for this.  Starlink is being used to help provide services to the firefighers with the California wildfires.

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