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Did Ben Affleck Really Sign Up for a Batman Trilogy?

Did Ben Affleck Really Sign Up for a Batman Trilogy?

For the last week or so, there has been a report about Ben Affleck and how he signed up for a Batman Trilogy.  These reports have so far been unconfirmed.

At this point, this story appears to be false.  There have been no confirmation from either Warner Bros, DC Comics, or Ben Affleck or his agent.  Major Hollywood websites like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline are not reporting this story.

This story broke on a South African fansite.  It stated that Affleck signed a new contract and will be a part of the Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy.  The trilogy was suppose to include a Batman Beyond film to end the trilogy.  The article on the fansite was written by Edward Nigma, which is the identity of the Riddler.

Batman-News.com called this story a complete myth.  I am inclined to believe Batman-News.com story about this being completely false than the word of a South African fansite ran by the Riddler.

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