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Playstation 4 Dominates the Console Competition

Playstation 4 Dominates the Console Competition

Of the current consoles out there, Playstation 4 dominates both X-Box One and Nintendo Switch, which was just released earlier in the year.  The PS4 has sold over 63 million consoles since their release in 2013.  Microsoft doesn’t release their X-Box numbers but sales estimates range around 30 million consoles.  The Nintendo Switch has sold almost 5 million units since March but sales have slowed.

Everything goes in waves.  In the late 70 Atari was the big boy in consoles. Nintendo dominated the market for a long period of time afterwards.  Playstation hit the market with force.  They have gone back and forth with X-Box as their greatest competition for years but clearly they are the big boys of consoles, at this moment in time.

(via Nerdist)

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