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DCEU Snyder Movies Coming to IMAX

DCEU Snyder Movies Coming to IMAX

A few days ago, Zach Snyder was on the Wonder Meg Youtube channel.  He stated that the three movies: Man of Steel; Batman VS Superman; and Justice League (Synder Cut) will come to IMAX in the fall.  They want fans to experience the three together on the huge screens of the IMAX.  See his quote below.

The hope is that we do the three movies in IMAX. And I don’t know if it’s three days or one day, we might have to binge it, I don’t know how we do it, but the idea will be that we’ll try and get everyone who’s coming — I don’t know what the price will be, we’ll try and set a price for the weekend — we’ll give half of that money to [the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention] and the rest to whatever it costs to put the thing on.  (Geekositymag, Comicbook)

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