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DC Comics Re-branding Comics

DC Comics Re-branding Comics

Back in 1993, DC Comics launched the DC Vertigo is an imprint for some of their comics.  These comics were more graphic and adult than their mainline comic books.  Some of the comics under this imprint was Shade the Changing ManThe Sandman , HellblazerAnimal ManSwamp Thing, and Doom Patrol.  These comics where not for kids.

DC Comics is re-branding their comics into three separate groups.  They are removing the Vertigo, Zoom, and Ink imprints.  Their will be DC for the regular comics, DC Kids for the younger readers, and DC Black Label for the more mature stories.

Some people are reporting that DC is removing Vertigo comics. Yes, the Vertigo imprint will not be used in the near future but these comics are not going away. The imprint is just being rebranded.

There is a report on Bleeding Cool that the LA Times put a tweet about Vertigo going away.  According to this article, the tweet stated that Marvel Comics (not DC Comics) is removing the Vertigo line after 26 years. They went on to state that Vertigo was launched on the 25 anniversary of Marvel.  The tweet is no longer out there.  But this is mistake by the LA Times is worse than petitioners who asked for Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime’s Good Omens.

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