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Celebrating 30 Years of Batman 1989

Celebrating 30 Years of Batman 1989

On this date, June 23rd, in 1989, the movie, Batman, premiered. It was one of the most anticipated summer blockbusters of 1989.  For fan, this was an adaption of the character they were waiting to see.

Batman was directed by little known director at the time, Tim Burton.  It starred Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker.  Kim Basinger was the photojournalist Vicki Vale, who wanted a picture of the “Bat” and became the love interest.

When the movie was announced, there was much fan outrage with Michael Keaton being cast.   Keaton was known for this comedic movies and not for his action.  Fans were hoping for the Dark Knight and not the humerous version from the 60s with Adam West.  They feared Keaton’s casting would mean this is a comedy and not the intense action movie they hoped for.

As this movie came out, the fans were pleased with Keaton and Nicholson’s portrayal.  Keaton brought an intensity to Batman while making Bruce Wayne very human.  Nicholson brought an over the top style to an over the top character of the Joker.  There were a few fans that didn’t love this movie but overall it was beloved by fans and casual movie goers alike.

Batman (1989) was the movie decade according to People Choice Awards.  It was pop culture phenomena.

Batman set the stage for other comic book movies.  It showed that super hero movies could be done well and grab the audience unlike any superhero movie before it.

I went to the Midnight showing of Batman.  I drove an hour to see it and stayed the night with a friend.  It is still my favorite live action Batman movie.

Happy Anniversary to Batman (1989)!

Stay Geeky!

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