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“Couples” and Medias that Remind me of Val and Jeremey from my “The Hunter and The Bringer” Series:

“Couples” and Medias that Remind me of Val and Jeremey from my “The Hunter and The Bringer” Series:

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers and dreamers! Ah… love…I love love!  I am a Disney and fairy tale girl, so I was destined to be a heartfelt, swooning lady.  No disappointment there!  Being absorbed into a good romance has me a-fluttering.  Yet, as I became an author, I found out that WRITING a good romance is just as addicting!  ^o^  Or even rapports between seemingly opposites attract is a blast.

And that is where my two main characters from my new adult (17+) sarcastic monster-hunting adventure series, “The Hunter and The Bringer:”  Hunter Valda Hemmingway and Bringer Jeremey Darington.  Their clashing viewpoints and personalities back and forth have brought many fits of laughter to myself and my readers (although I am sure stress for Val and a delight for Jeremey, ha!)  They also have made many flip tables and ‘awwww’ when they have a breakthrough, heart-pounding moment (inside and outside of the pages.) Being a lover of anime, manga, video games, webcomics, books, T.V., and films, it is fun to find connections to characters to my own.  Art imitates life, even if not meant to; it is part of  inspiration.  SOOOOO…if you LIKE the dynamic between Val and Jeremey from my series OR like any of the series below, then give all these a try! =)

“Couples” and Medias that Remind me of Val and Jeremey from my “The Hunter and The Bringer” Series:

Maid Sama (Misaki and Usai-)

When tough-as-nails and driven Misaki becomes the school president of what was formally an all-boys school two years prior, she runs it like a demon in order to keep the rowdy boys at bay and protect the girls.  She’s not overly liked, but doesn’t care because she is the hardest worker and can get the job done! After work, to support her poor family (her father abandoned them and left them in debt,) she works after school at a Maid Cafe.  However, to protect her from breaking the school rules and reputation, Misaki has to keep her job a secret…so when the new, gorgeous, popular boy Usai appears, he decides to use it to mess this devil boss…and loves her being his personal maid, messing with her and graining on her last nerve. Now, a whirlwind rapport swirls between them.  Misaki is a badass but has issues asking for help.  She’s strong, supportive, and gets flustered with anything involving romance.  Usai loves to tease her, is fascinated with her, and has a very calm, dashing flirty nature.  He is also good at everything.  They clash in so many ways, but also work well as a team, understanding each other better than anyone  Plus, their interactions are a riot and can be so sweet.   A few of my Otaku friends have said I inspired Val and Jeremey off these two darlings.  I didn’t, but I can definitely see it and it’s an honor!  Also, they look a bit similar, especially the handsome men that are Jeremey and Usai!  *It was on Hulu or Netflix.  

Ladybug and Cat Noir-

Spots on! Claws out!  My husband and I are OBSESSED with this show! The characters are fun, the lore rich, and the ‘will they, won’t they get together or discover their secret identities’ has had us go through more emotions than ANYTHING ELSE!  Like we literally have had our mouths dropped and are screaming at the TV.  From a kids’ show! HA! I hope my book can bring that sort of emotion to people.   The interactions between my two are deeply similar to these two Miraculous Holders.  Cat Noir is always flirting with our Ladybug, is devoted to her, and is an expert at pet names and puns! Even though they fuss (although Jeremey and Val are WAY worse,) they understand the other’s quirks, accept their flaws and anxieties, and make a fantastic team.  Both are excellent with their weapons/tools and skillsets, way beyond a normal human’s capabilities.  Their work must be a secret to protect the world, like The Hunters and The Bringers.  Their chemistry, mastery, threats, and action all work well for the world of monstrum, but at a G rating, ha!  Also, look-wise, I can see both of them fitting with Miss Hemmingway and Mr. Darington, especially how Adrian has green eyes, blond hair, and is loaded! *On Disney Plus!

Ouran High School Host Club (Tamaki and Haruhi)-

Kiss, Kiss, fall in love! AH! Ouran! There is NO show like Ouran! It is a romantic comedy that is well aware of its own craziness, but it has an engaging and entertaining story, unforgettable characters, and so many delectable, memorable quotes and moments that you’ll be laughing long after you finish it.  This is what I feel the comedy and adorable romantic aspects in “The Hunter and The Bringer” bring too. This anime follows a serious poor student who gets a scholarship to attend the prodigious Ouran Academy.  One day, Haruhi tries to find a quiet room to study in and discovers a Host Club of six good-looking boys with too much time on their hands. Startled, Haruhi accidentally breaks an $80,000 vase! Now, forced to be the Host Club’s dog and newest member, let the insanity ensue! There can’t be any other issues that would make things harder, right?  Well, yeah; Haruhi is actually a girl! Oh boy! Tamaki and Haruhi, our main two, and maybe (?) couple potential, give such Val and Jeremey vibes.  Haruhi does NOT put up with Tamaki’s stupid crap, doesn’t understand love, is brave, and is very focused on studying and doing her tasks.  While Jeremey is over-the-top, rich, unbelievably handsome, doesn’t monitor his mouth, is romantic-minded, and sweet to ladies like our King of the Host Club, Tamaki.  Although Val/Haruhi push these men off them, they also work well with them in the oddest ways.  The adorable, comedic elements of my book and these characters match this anime/manga well.  *Was on Netflix OR is on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family-

A spy Twilight is on a new mission: to get intel on his threat by watching his young sons in secret.  The catch?  Only parents are allowed to attend this preschool.  No big! He will just make a family to complete the job! Now going by the name Loid, he obtains a wife, Yor, and adopts a daughter, Anya.  These two new ladies in his ‘happy family’ have secrets of their own too.   I admit; I haven’t dove long into this series yet, but everyone I know loves it and gave me the 4-1-1.  One, again, blond male lead with dreamy eyes and a charming, but cool aura about him.  So Jeremey!  Yet, he is dedicated to his duty (although Loid seems far more collected.)  Yor, his wife, is tough-as-nails being an assassin (hmmm…Val, much?) but, she gets flustered cutely at romantic or sweet advances and she is good with Anya, the little girl.  Spies are strong in character, critical thinking, and secret keeping, like The Hunters and The Bringers.  I feel this show offers a good slice of the cake I want to offer everyone with my story: action, mystery, budding romance, light-hearted humor, and touching moments.  This one just adds a cute little girl and dog! LOL! *Is on Hulu.

‘Bloodlines’ book series (Sydney and Adrian-)

This is an incredible book series by the beyond whimsical and talented Richelle Mead.  It is a spin-off/sequel series to the acclaimed “Vampire Academy.”  This time, brainy Alchemist Sydney Sage and artistic royal Adrian Ivashkov are our stars.  Sydney is an alchemist: religious humans with the knowledge of vampires and with their chemicals, technology, and training help keep them a secret while protecting the masses (Hmmm…sound like The Hunters and The Bringers?  Heck yeah!)  Adrian is a moroi vampire from one of the twelve royal houses, known for being artistic, sexy, charming, and, well…drunk a lot.  But, with his special/rare elemental magic, he may have a reason for his self-healing vices.   Again, another smart, driven, no-silliness woman and a rich, good-looking, arrogant guy, but their chemistry together is sizzling! Their rapport is complex, develops beautifully, and how they handle situations together is written brilliantly.  The lore of this world is luscious and yes; there are evil vampires, who would be the monsters of this world in comparison to “The Hunter and The Bringer.”  I would love to see Val, Jeremey, Sydney, and Adrian team up and I HIGHLY recommend both “The Vampire Academy” and “Bloodlines” book series; I cannot describe them with the full justice they deserve. Fun fact! The reason I fell in love with green eyes on a man *cough, cough, ‘Jeremey,’ cough, cough* is BECAUSE of Adrian Ivashkov! 😉

Honorable Mention:

Tsurezure Children

This is a simple, short little anime (only about three hours) about multiple couples.  It is adorable and a riot!  One of the characters is the king of the drama club and spills out romantic, over-confident monologues when he randomly shows up (often with a fan club of girls behind him,) rose petals swirling around his princely hand.  It is SO over-the-top Darington that my sister-from-another-mister Julie and I were cracking up and commenting on just that each time he showed up! And he is another blond.  There is one girl immune to his charm and she beats the tar out of him when they interact.  The best part?  He just takes it! Kawaii versions of our Agent Hemmingway and Brother Darington right here!  *Is on Crunchyroll. 


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Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice, and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real-life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly. For more information about Morgan and her works, check out her website, which also has links to all her social medias: http://morganscomnick.com

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