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Comic Creator Pat Gleason Exclusive Deal with Marvel

Comic Creator Pat Gleason Exclusive Deal with Marvel

Pat Gleason is well known for his beautiful and distinctive DC Comic art.  Along with being an awesome artist, he is also a well known writer. You can check out his work for the last few years on  Batman And Robin, Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, and JLA.  He is leaving DC Comics and heading to Marvel for an exclusive deal.

Gleason  joins Marvel to take over as the artist on Amazing Spider-Man.  This will not be his only creator job with Marvel but the only one that has been announced.  He will begin with a short story in July’s Amazing Spider-Man #25.

“Pat and I started our comic book careers together almost two decades ago, and ever since joining Marvel, he’s an artist I’ve been dying to work with here, to have him draw our incredible characters,” said Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. “I’m thrilled that the stars have now aligned and Pat’s joined us in the hallowed halls of the House of ideas. Trust me, the contributions he’s going to make to our comics are going to mind-blowing!” (Marvel.com)

Gleason appears to be excited for this opportunity.  He stated that the staff of Marvel has been very welcoming.  He wanted to work with Marvel for a long time. He is excited to show Marvel fans the “crazy and exciting comics we’re going to make together.” (Marvel.com)

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