Use  Fan!Guru App for VisionCon

Use Fan!Guru App for VisionCon

In years past, when asked what VisionCon could do to make the experience better, one of my consistent answers has been to add an app.  They were listening.  You can now access VisionCon, the schedule, the list of guests, tickets, and maps.  You can use the app to play and add panels and events to your schedule

Fan!Guru is the name of the app.  You can download it for your Android or Apple devise for free.

Fan!Guru is an app for various conventions and cons.  It has a contract with conventions that focus on any of the following:  pop culture; sci fi; comics; fantasy; anime; horror; gaming; and even Esports. The list of cons using this app is growing.

Make sure to download Fan!Guru to enhance your convention experience at VisionCon  this upcoming weekend.  It starts Friday at noon and runs through Sunday afternoon at the Expo Center in Springfield, MO.  You can purchase tickets on the App.  I will be using the Fan!Guru app when I see you on Friday at VisionCon.


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