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Comic Book Review:The Legend of OZ: Wicked West

Comic Book Review:The Legend of OZ: Wicked West

What if the Wizard of OZ took place in the Wild West? This comic series hopes to answer this question.

The Legend of OZ: Wicked West -Issue # 1 – BDI (Big Dog Ink) Comics
Writer: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Alisson Borges
Colorist: Kate Finnegan
Price: $3.50

Gale (Dorothy is going by her last name) and her horse, Toto, were whisked off to OZ. She has been trying to find her way to the Emerald City for 3 years. The yellow brick road was made out of gold blocks and someone is stealing them. This has made her journey much more difficult.

The art appears to be more computer generated than hand drawn. But the art is beautiful. There is one scene with some graphic blood splatter.

The art of this issue really tells a lot of the story. We see scarecrows and and cowardly lion in ways I did not anticipate. The winged monkeys were scary in the movie but this comic takes them to a whole new level.

I was amazed by the quality of the paper and the cover. Most comics are now put on high quality paper but this paper appears to be even at a higher level.  The cover is thicker and a higher grade.
Story/Plot: (major spoiler alerts included)
A frustrated Gale is exhausted after 3 years of searching in OZ. She make reference to the Munchkins and how they told her to follow the yellow brink road.  The yellow brick road has disappeared but she continues to search. This leads her to a little town where all hades breaks loose.  

This book makes major changes to the original but they are fun and acceptable changes.  Gale has ruby spurs and  ruby handled 6 guns. Toto is her smart and protective horse. The winged monkeys are actually winged gorillas that can transform and look like humans.

This comic book had fun dialog.  Here are a couple of great quotes.  “Follow the yellow brick road my fanny.” “Alright, would you believe my barn fell on her?”

This comic book was well written.  It has such an interesting plot twists. The pacing is very good.

This is a wonderful and fun take on the OZ story. I loved this story and went back and re-read it several times. It is a gorgeous book. This is a must read for any OZ fans. It is one of my favorite books I am reading and is my favorite independent comic. Do yourself a favor and check it out.  

Grade: A+

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