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Batman Writer Tom King Removed from Batman

Batman Writer Tom King Removed from Batman

writer, Tom King, has been writing the Batman comic since it was rebooted with Rebirth.  His master plan had him writing the first 100 issues of Batman but that appears to be but a dream.

King recently revealed his last 15 issues of Batman would change Batman in a way that would feel the repercussions and changes for years to come.  He told fans that he had to meet with both executives with DC Comics and Warner Bros.  According to him, the execs were on board with this major change for Batman.

It is unknown the reason, but DC Comics are ending King’s run on Batman with issue 85.  Issue 86 was going to being the events that would bring the major changes.  Did the execs get cold feet about King’s plans?  Was this caused by lower sales which have been dipping but not drastically.  Or was this an issue with King and his relationship with the other staff?  We don’t know but it probably will come out at some point.

King is still under an exclusive contract with DC Comics.  He will continue to write for them just on Batman.  It will be interesting to see what comic he ends up on.

I met Tom King at Planet Comicon Kansas City.  He seemed to be a great guy.  I hope he rocks on the next comic he takes over.

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