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Aron Eisenberg – Nog from Deep Space 9 Passes away at 50

Aron Eisenberg Who played Nog on Star Trek Deep Space 9 passed away yesterday(September 21,2019) at the age of 50.  Aron was born with only 1 partially functioning kidney. He received a kidney transplant at the age of 17.  Aron was also a photographer who opened his own studio in 2013.  In 2015 he again suffered from kidney failure and his longtime girlfriend Malissa Longo held a GoFundme to raise enough money to pay for the transplant. Aron went back into the hospital earlier this week in what was viewed as “critical condition”, most friends and fans assumed it had to do with either kidney failure again, or rejection of the latest kidney transplant.  Aron and Malissa eloped on December 28, 2018, but had not announced the marriage “officially” as they were saving up for a big shindig.  A heartfelt tribute by his wife, announcing his passing has really shocked the Trek fan community. Aron was a guest at Treklanta earlier this year, and participated in the DS9 documentary “That which we left behind”.


RIP Aron, our world was brighter because you were in it, and now it is darker because you are gone.


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