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Spidey Deal with Disney & Sony Maybe on Hold Because of Apple

According to Cosmic Book News, the deal between Disney and Sony maybe on hold for more than just money.  Disney maybe holding back on a deal and waiting on Apple.   Sony is on the short list of studios that Apple is positioning to purchase.

Apple and Amazon are both looking to acquire movie studios to beef up their their streaming service.  After Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, Amazon Prime and Apple+ were put on notice that they might need to add studios of their own to compete.  Disney+ will offer a ton of movies and series from the get go from the addition of the Fox studios.  Apple+ has their eye on Sony to be their ace to compete with Disney+.

Why would Disney want to wait to see if a competitor is going to purchase Sony Pictures?   If Sony is bought by another company, then the deal that gives them the movie rights to Spider-Man comes to an immediate end.  Disney and the MCU will get the full rights to Spider-Man without having to spend a dime.  The possibility of this is enough for any contract to pause.

If Sony isn’t bought by Apple or even Amazon will Disney pursue this relationship? I would like to think they will.  Ideally for the MCU, Sony will be bought and Spider-Man can once again become a MCU mainstay.

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