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Actress Mira Furlan Passes Away

Actress Mira Furlan Passes Away


Actress Mira Furlan who is best known for playing Delenn on Babylon 5 and Danielle Rousseau on the hit show Lost, has passed away at the age of 65.  Furlan was born in Yugoslavia, and was obsessed with American rock and roll.  She became interested in acting as a teenager. Furlan was a member of the Croatian National theater.  She fled war torn Yugoslavia in 1992.  In 2002 she returned to Yugoslavia for 11 years to take the lead role in the Ulyssees Theater Company. production of Euripides “Medea”.

Furlan is survived by her husband Goran Gajic, and 1 child.

RIP MIra, you truly are Star Stuff

Here is a  J.Michael Straczynski tweet where he talks about her death.

Here is a further link to Variety.com story on her passing



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