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Disney+ & HULU &  MAX are Teaming Up for a Streaming Bundle

Disney+ & HULU & MAX are Teaming Up for a Streaming Bundle

Disney+ and HULU have been bundling for streaming for a while.  It is cheaper to bundle them together than pay for each of them separately.  Since Disney owns the majority of HULU, it makes sense that you can bundle them other.  Most bundles have ESPN+ added in.

Adding MAX (formerly HBO MAX) streaming service to bundle with Disney+ and HULU is news.  Historically, Disney, the parent company for Disney + and HULU, doesn’t play with Warner Bros, the parent company for MAX.  The price per month for this new bundle has not been announced.

Netflix continues to rule the streaming marketplace.  Speculation has both Disney and Warner Bros taking hits on their streaming services.  Will this bundle enable the competition to catch up to Netflix?  I doubt it but it is an interesting development.

On a fun note, with this new bundle, one could watch both DC and Marvel superhero movies, shows, and animated series. I doubt it will lead to a fun crossover of the different universe (which we have occasionally seen in the comics) but still it is fun idea.

(via Consequence Films)

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