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Young Bruce Wayne and Young Villains on Fox’s Gotham TV Show

Image via 4umf.com
Image via 4umf.com

When Fox TV won the rights to broadcast a Batman prequel called Gotham, there were assumptions and rumors that this series would be about a young rookie cop, Jim Gordon, that would become Commissioner in the future, and the gritty streets of Gotham City.  It appears this was a false thought.  Fox’s Chairman Kevin Reilly contradicted and shot it down.

This series will focus on the a young Bruce Wayne and his growth.  This series will have all of the Batman Rouges, such as Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin, in their younger days.  It will focus on these characters development and how they become damaged.  (EW)

There are no details on how these characters might interact or know each other.  It is possible that they may go to school together. Reilly did state that this series will culminate with Bruce putting on the mask and cape.  Yes, it sounds like a Batman version of the Smallville television series.

Will Commissioner Gordon still play a vital part in this series? There is no information about this from Reilly. One has to assume Gordon will be a part of this story at some level.

This news is disturbing to me.  I had hoped that we would have an intense cop drama set on the streets of Gotham City and not a teenage drama.  I put up with the teenage angst for 10 years with Smallville. This series will have to impress me from the beginning to keep my attention.

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