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Storm King Comics Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

Storm King Comics Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

When asked what Sandy brought over from extensive time with Filmmaking and production, she stated “Having the right team and collaboration.”  They work well as a group and trust each other.  The panel stated everything comes together because Sandy trusts her creators. She stays out of it unless she needs to get involved.  Everyone weighs including the Letterer.  Sandy stated that she is always looking for creators to jell and she went on to say, “I don’t hire anyone I don’t trust”.  

Cullen and Sandy were asked how they came together.  Both of them really appreciated the other’s work and started talking.  Cullen started “This wasn’t a fight, it was a collaboration.”.  He stated that Long Haul started as a nugget of an idea and it grew from there.

Tim was asked where his ideas for his cover art came from. He stated that is more internal.  He gets on kicks of movies and other things and it usually leads into his cover art.  Sandy stated that Tim had created a KOOL cover for one of the anthologies but it didn’t relate to a story she had to have a story written that involved that monster because she knew readers would be disappointed if it was there.

Neo was asked about his approach to writing horror for kids.  He stated, “I love horror but never thought I would write horror”.  He stated that it is important to not write down to kids.  “Never talk down or explain to the kids.  Just make it a part of the story. Don’t need to explain it but show it in the story. “

When asked what she looks for in a horror story, she stated way too often some think it is all about a scene or a slash of blood.  “What are you trying to say? Is there a real story? Why are you writing?  Tell a truth.”

When asked about not writing their best material, Cullen responded in a fun Cullen manor. “I have never written anything that wasn’t great!” He went on to state, I know where I went off when I can see it.  If I can hook a reader on an emotional level for a character.  If I am going off course, I am not getting that emotional hook. In comics, the fear is about the characters because there are no jump scares.”

When asked about editing and working with writers and artists, Shawn stated, “Sandy has good tastes and always has really good writers and artists”  He did state that there are a lot of it is deadlines.  He finds he has to keep people on their toes. Most editing needed is with the horror anthologies. 

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