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WOTC Declares Half Elves A Racist Idea

WOTC Declares Half Elves A Racist Idea

The D&D Creator Summit happened recently.  Wizards of the Coast brought in different  game developers and content creators to discuss the future of Dungeons and Dragons and called it the The D&D Creator Summit.  WOTC attempted to bring back some good will with influencers in the community and build back some bridges but I am not sure it really worked.

I have check out several videos about the summit.  Bounding Into Comics had an interesting article here about it.  Even though I didn’t have a chance to attend, I feel like I have a good feel for what happened.

One of the headlines is D&D One is no longer being called D&D One.  They are rebranding it to be… Dungeons and Dragons 5E.  Yes, that is what the current version is called.  Yes, they will be adding new books with major changes including new versions of the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master Handbook, and the Monster Handbook. There will be new rules and changes that will completely affect how D&D is played. But they are still going to call it 5E even though the current version is form 2014.  Confused yet?  If not, wait until people ask which version of 5E you are playing.

The summit also displayed a version of the new VTT.  When asked about the cost of the VTT, WOTC didn’t have an answer.  When asked about the computer specs to play it and if it could be played on lower level computers, WOTC seemed shocked that people might want to play it on an older computer or tablet.  Many who attended the summit reported frustration over this.

The biggest headline from the summit is the declaration from lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford for D&D that Half Races are going away.  This removal included the fairly popular Half Elf class and Half Orcs. WOTC stated that Elves now have four different variants that can be played.  There isn’t a need for the Half Elf in their opinion.  Along with that, Wizards of the Coast believes that half races are a racist idea.

“Frankly, we are not comfortable, and haven’t been for years with any of the options that start with ‘half’,” he explained of this decision. “The half construction is inherently racist so we simply aren’t going to include it in the new Player’s Handbook,” according to Crawford.  (Bounding)

Even with this quote, Crawford went on to say “If someone wants to play those character options, they’ll still be in D&D Beyond [and] they’ll still be in the 2014 Player’s Handbook”.  (Bounding)

Let me process this?  If an Elf and Human fall in love, their child will be racist because the idea of half races are inherently racist? The same thing if a human and orc fall for each other and have a child.  Would the same apply for WOTC for human interracial marriages?  It just sits wrong with me.  I just don’t understand this.

In my campaigns, I will continue to allow Half Races until someone can explain what the HECK is in inherently racist about them.

(Via Bounding)

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