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Wookie Arrested Driving Darth Vader to Vote

Image via nydailynews.com

In the Ukraine, police arrested a man in a Wookie suit for illegally campaigning on election day and driving without a licence. Stepan Chewbacca (legal name) drove Darth Alekseyevich Vader (also legal name) to vote. Vader is running for Mayor of Odessa (city in Ukraine). The police arrested Chewbacca when he was campaigning and playing the Imperial March then refusing to show his passport. Vader told police that Chewbacca was his “pet and general servant” so he did not need to show any ID.

Both men, or man and wookie, are members of the Internet Party of Ukraine. The Internet Party of Ukraine brings humor to the Ukraine politics and elections. The elections are tense and often riddled with fraud. There were 16 Darth Vaders in last year’s parliamentary election.

During the election process, the police wrested Stepan Chewbacca and slammed him to the hood of a car before cuffing him and hauling him off. He was fined the equivalent of $7.50 US dollars for the incident. He told the Judge all of his money was in the Galactic Bank so he could not pay the fine.

We think our elections are a circus. No matter how crazy and wild they are, I doubt if we see a Wookie hauled off in handcuffs during an election in the U.S.A.

Check out the below video.

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