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Warner Bros Approve Robert Pattinson as New Batman

Warner Bros Approve Robert Pattinson as New Batman

According to Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros has approved Robert Pattinson to become the next Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the DCEU.  The negotiations for a three movie deal in still underway with Pattinson and his agent.  The reports of this being a done deal are not quite true. But this should just be a formality yet it could still fall through if negotiations go sideways.

Pattinson is best known role as Edward on the teen angst vampire saga, Twilight.  I have heard the complaints and the jokes about Pattinson becoming Batman. A sparkly Batman is one of numerous jokes. He has been rumored for this role for some time.

Can the guy who played a sparkly vampire become the Dark Knight?  I remember when Michael Keaton was announced as Batman in 1989.  The jokes and criticism were huge.  Keaton was known for his comical roles on movies like Mr Mom and the Night Shift.   Keaton went on to nail the role as Batman.  Will Pattinson do the same?  Only time will tell but I am not going to judge this selection until I see him in the cape and cowl kicking bad guy butt.

The Batman is set to open in 2021.

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