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Visoncon- Geeky KOOL Panels at Visioncon

Visoncon- Geeky KOOL Panels at Visioncon

At VisionCon 2018, Geeky KOOL will have 3 awesome panels.  We will be sharing out thoughts in different ways.  You should check out our panels and join us at VisionCon 2018.

VisionCon 2018 opens its doors at noon on Friday.  You should be ready for your first panel by 3 pm on Friday. Come and join us for Who Are Geeks, Nerds, and Con Attendees in the Short Creek 3 room.  Our panel will have myself, Geeky KOOL writer Bryan Crockett, awesome costume design/ photographer/artist and over all amazing AJ Blanton, the geek’s geek an co-creator of Titans of the Fantastic– Keith Moncrief, and actress/ costumer/ steampunk tea dueller Toni Globis.  We will discuss what makes us who we are, what makes us the same and different. This will be a fun talk about stereotypes and what isn’t true about many of them.

At 5:30 on Friday night in Short Creek 1 panel room, Titans of the Fantastic will have our show live on Facebook and for our audience. This panel will have our Titans regulars of the all knowing Keith Moncrief, the award winning director and Visioncon Special guest Brittney Greer, and Geek KOOL’s own Larry Litle. Our special guest will be Lunch Box Press Comic Creators and Visioncon Special guest  Adam McLaughlin and Kevin Watkins. We can’t wait to interview these gentlemen and talk geek with them.

Saturday Morning at will have a great panel at 11:15 in Short Creek 3. 
Geek Media: Behind the Scenes of Websites, Blogs, Podcasts, and Videos will discuss what it is like being a member of the geek press and media.  We will have an awesome panel with Geeky KOOL writer Bryan Crockett, Larry Litle of Geeky KOOL and Titans of the Fantastic.  Keith Moncrief and Brittney Greer of Titans of the Fantastic, Phil Sousa of the Horrible Movie Podcast, and Hawk Holman of Fanatics and the Fan.  This will be an insightful panel of what goes into covering and talking about our favorite fandoms.  

These are just a few of awesome panels at VisionCon 2018.  Check it out here about other great panels for Visioncon.

Stay Geeky My Friends!


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