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VisionCon – Radio-Active Theater

VisionCon – Radio-Active Theater

Radio-Active Theater  is a troupe of performers out of the Lake of Ozarks area. This is a good ole science fiction radio program.  The programs are all written and performed by local writers and actors.  The program has sound effects as the actors stand in front of the mics.

The group put on a show from their series, Blast Burton: Radar Rocket Ranger from the 26th Century.  They preformed two episodes of it for free at Visioncon.

The story was a ton of fun.  It was cleverly written with fun dialog.  The actors brought amazing voices.  I loved watching the facial expressions. The villains had the best lines and voices.

This was an enjoyable performance. Check them out here.  They usually perform at Great Stone Coffee in Osage Beach, MO.

Check out their Facebook page here.

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