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VisionCon Lego Sets

VisionCon Lego Sets

VisionCon 2023 had a room with amazing Lego sets.  They were complex and beautiful.  Check them out.

Here is a couple of photos f the Cityscape with a fully functioning Lego train.  It was super KOOL.

Most boys have dreamed about being a pirate at one time in their lives.  The freedom to adventure and take gold resonates.  This Pirate Themed Lego world is amazing.   Arrrgggg! Shiver me timbers, ya Land Lubers.

I don’t know if it gets better than kaiju and giant robots.  I fell in love with this set up and Lego world.

I love Castles and this one is so KOOL.  I am pretty sure it is Hogwarts, which makes it even KOOLer.  The detail is so amazing.

Who ya going to Call?  Ghostbusters!  The Springfield Ghostbusters were in the house and so was the Ghostbusters Lego land.

Last but not least, we have the Nevermore Academy from the hit series on Netflix, WednesdayI love the Addams Family and Wednesday is a KOOL series based off of it.  Check out the details.

I could never build anything this detailed with Legos.  My mind would give up long before one of these sets was created.  I love that other people can.  It is one of the great things about VisionCon.


Stay Geeky!

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