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Julian Riching at VisionCon

Julian Riching at VisionCon

Julian Riching is a face that most of us know. He has been in a ton of movies and TV series from the late 80s to the present.  Riching was a guest at this year’s VisionCon.  I attended his panel.

Julian Riching is an actor who grew up in England. He moved to Canada and fell in love.  He has been there ever since.

Richings is best known for his role as Death on Supernatural.  In most of his roles, he plays a villain or some sort of supernatural being.  Julian stated this is because of his high bone structure with his cheeks.

Richings began acting as a kid because his older brother was into set building for the local theater group for youth.  He caught the acting bug.  His parents were very supportive of his interests.

During the panel, Richings did show his humor.  He displayed his walk for several characters, which is based on Mick Jagger’s KOOL walk.  He had the crowd laughing and engaged with his walk and talk.

Richings did talk about his secret passion for late 70s and early 80s punk rock.  He discussed how he had seen many of the great punk bands at the time in England.  His face lit up when talking about Punk Rock.  This was a great insight into this amazing actor.  His passion for Punk Rock sucked me in.

This panel was a ton of fun.  Julian Riching is a great guy who engaged fully with the crowd.

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