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Video (Music): I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who soundtrack cover)

Video (Music): I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who soundtrack cover)

Video (Music): I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who soundtrack cover)
Here is a wonderful video from LorelaiMusic (Youtube channel).  She plays the Guitar, Keyboard, flute, recorder, and sings in this video while cosplaying different Doctor Who Characters.  She does all the music by herself.  I really like this song and she nails it perfectly.  I am not much of a music geek but this video is super KOOL and geeky.  She is a phenomenal musician.  Check it out and be as impressed with her as I am.

Here is what she has to say about this video.  After reading this, I am even more impressed that I already was.

I made this music video for wonderful people that run Doctor Who Fan Orchestra: http://doctorwhofanorchestra.blogspot… especially for Stephen Willis, the main man. Thank you for everything you are doing for us. My life got infinitely more epic when I joined DWFO.

Also I think I stole pieces of clothing from every single member of my family for the cosplay.. Thank you, mum, for having the best Doctor Who coats 🙂

Everything you hear I played myself on instruments I can handle. I recorded one track at the time and then mixed everything together using Audacity. I created 60 tracks in total.

List of tracks in this piece:
4 tracks guitar
3 tracks xylophone
5 tracks percussions (cajon, shaker, baking tray and wardrobe door :))
19 tracks vocals
4 tracks soprano recorder
21 tracks flute
4 tracks piano

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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