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Video: Lip Sync Proposal vs Movie Trailer Proposal

Video: Lip Sync Proposal vs Movie Trailer Proposal

This is not the usual geeky stuff that you find on Geeky KOOL. Maybe it is the romantic in me but I found both videos to be geeky while being an awesomely different way to propose.

I have been seeing people buzzing about this first proposal for a couple of days. I finally checked it out. After watching the Lip Sync Proposal, I was reminded how much geeky fun a lip sync can be. The drama geek in me was extremely impressed with the whole production. If only I had thought of this. I decided I would share it and if our readers did not find the fun geekiness in it, then they would just ignore it.

As I was checking out the above clip, I saw information on the below clip. Movie previews are sometimes the best part of going to the movies. The loved the idea to create a movie trailer for your girlfriend to watch about you asking permission to marry her from her father.  I think it is both geeky and kool.

I am not sure which one I like best. What do you the readers think? Which do you prefer and why?  Or tell me if I am  crazy to include them on Geeky KOOL or if you see the geekiness of the videos?

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