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Mighty Marvel Women Who Deserve Their Own Movies

Image from Comic Book Resource

Alan Kistler wrote a great article for Comic Book Resources  (CBR), “Mighty Marvel Women Who Deserve Their Own Movies“.  I wanted to give this article a shout out.  It is well thought out and Alan presents good arguments for all the ladies on this top 10 list. His list includes the back story of the character (even though he failed to mention Firestar’s start on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends) and what actress would be a good fit to bring the character to the big screen.  I would enjoy watching every Super Heroine that he suggests on his list.  My daughter and I would stand in line to see a Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel movie.

I would argue that Alan left off the obvious choice for a Marvel heroine movie, Black Widow.  She was a main character in the Avengers Movie and it set her character up for a solo movie.  Alan might have left her off the list because she will likely get a shot at a solo movie after the success of the Avengers Movie.  My 11 year old daughter is enamored with Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and is dying to see more Black Widow.  They could make a great super spy movie with Scarlett Johansson kicking butt all the way through the movie and it will sell tickets to both genders.

Take a moment and check out Alan’s  Mighty Marvel Women Who Deserve Their Own Movies.   I enjoy reading Alan’s various work including his weekly Agent of Style articles on Newsaroma.   I am a regular listener to his joint podcast with Jill Pantozzi, Crazy Sexy Geeks.  




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