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TV Trailer: Titans

TV Trailer: Titans

Here is the latest trailer for the Titans. The first thing that jumped out at me with this trailer is the Netflix logo. Even though I am not excited about this series, my interested went way up with it being a Netflix series. I don’t want to pay for another streaming service and this trailer didn’t convince me that I needed it. But I might give it a chance on Netflix since I am already subscribing to it.

Had DC Entertainment come to an agreement with Netflix? Yes they have… but only for non- United States customers. Netflix will stream for international customers but not for the States.  If you are in the United States, you will need to add the DC Streaming service to watch Titans.

This series will have Dick Grayson as a police detective in Detroit but is he the Robin they show or is it another Robin?  It looks like the basis of this show is cop show with powers i

I am not loving Raven or her use of her soul self.  It looks like she is possessed instead of being the Raven we know and love.  Garfield is awesome when transformed but his skin is not green as a human.  There is nothing about Kory that I like including her look or use of her powers.  This looks like a hot mess and then you expect me to pay for your service.  I will pass.

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